About Vessel

About Vessel Furniture

Vessel is a direct buying platform with manufacturers operating across the Asia Pacific, Americas and Europe. Our digital platform will allow you to purchase suitable furniture for a range of commercial venues.

Simply select your furniture, with help from our design team, use our volumetric calculator to calculate total costs, we deliver your furniture to your door. It couldn’t be easier. Our platform has a sharing function which allows you to share your empty container space with other businesses or friends to help you, get the best value and to help reduce carbon emissions by reducing the number of container ships.

Our Key Values

We created a direct buying platform so customers no longer have to rely on the 3rd party importers, wholesalers, or even the costs and risks of taking the journey alone.

Peace of mind

VESSEL removes barriers in the supply chain management, creating an efficient channel for customers. Our secure E-Commerce platform integrates logistics and freight with up to date pricing.

Leading Manufacturer

We have dispersed our factories across vast regions to take advantage of premium resources including high quality timbers, metals, plastics, natural fabrics & fibres.


VESSEL removes the middle man, giving the customer more control during the buying process. We are bringing the factory and customer closer together.

Sustainability In Mind
" Reducing carbon, one VESSEL at a time "
We all leave and produce waste through electricity, burning fossil fuels and pollution. Cargo ships are the world’s worst polluters and are responsible for both air and marine pollution, 45% of cargo ships sail empty, which has a debilitating effect on our planet. This is why it's vital that we are able to utilise container space to its full capacity, to ensure an efficient flow of resources and to minimise carbon output. Vessel is reducing their carbon footprint by sharing and maximising the use of container space.
Our factories
With over 20 factories around the globe, we have built an extensive network of factories, who manufacture our products for you in real time.
Meet our team
Russel Klein
Over 15 years’ experience within both the technology and furniture sphere, Russel has been able to create a disrupter to the furniture market. He eases consumers into a more effective, innovative and effortless way to purchase furniture by contesting traditional industry models.
Marina Palinginis
With a background in Creative Intelligence, Innovation & Architecture, Marina has an in-depth knowledge of new trends, technology and the design landscape, making her a next-generation designer. She is currently leading a team of interior designers to service commercial customers.
Isabell Hennig
Qualified Interior Designer with over 5 years’ experience. She’s responsible for art direction and branding for all our interior concepts. Having international experience, and having worked on several residential and commercial projects, Isabell will be able to provide excellent advice and designs.
Behind the scene
Muditha E.
Nani N.
Induni W.
Hans B.
Angelina E.