Terms & Conditions

VESSEL’s Policy:

Vessel’s factories manufacture under strict quality assurance guidelines. Our factories are located internationally and locally in Australia, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Indonesia, India and China. Warranty and guarantee laws have been made in accordance to Australian Manufacturing & Importing Consumer Law.

1. Product Faults & Warranty:

a.  If your goods arrive and appear to be damaged, please take photos immediately and email these with your name and order number to info@vesselfurniture.com within 3 business days of receiving your delivery. In the unlikely event  of a factory fault or defect, VESSEL will evaluate options to either repair or replace the product or provide a credit to the consumer. We provide a 3 year manufacture warranty for all our products.

2. VESSEL’s Fault & Warranty policy will not cover:

       a.  Wear and tear and overuse of products

       b.  Damage from the mishandling/misuse of furniture (e.g. standing on chairs, rocking on furniture, spillage of liquids/substances/food)

       c.  Damage from workers carrying furniture to the venue

       d.  Change of mind

       e.  Damage, wear and tear resulting from a lack of maintenance and/or care (e.g. fabric, leather, metal or timber)

        f.  Damage as a result of product modification or improper assembly

        g.  Minor imperfections or superficial blemishes on materials (e.g. slight colour variations, grain imperfections, small scratches, chipping of paint)

        h.  Damage from the external environment (e.g. UV faded fabric, water damage, rust)


3. Acceptance of Delivery

a.  It is your responsibility to inspect your delivered goods once collected. You will also be asked to sign for your goods upon collection.

4. Packaging:

a.  All VESSEL products will be packaged in reinforced packaging. If you find that the packaging is significantly damaged after delivery from our courier, please take photos of the damaged packaging before removing it from the courier or container.

5. VESSEL’s Freight Protection:

a.  Vessel’s freight protection covers the unlikely event of a product being damaged or lost through the means of transportation. Please note that freight protection will not cover handling and transportation of your products. 0.8% of the total cost of your order will be required for this protection. This small fee will be added to your checkout. Freight protection will also cover products lost in transit.

5.1.  Products cannot be claimed to be lost if:

a.  The delivery address was unclear or incorrect

b.  The product was accepted and signed for by the customer/carrier

c.  If there is evidence that the order is still yet to arrive due to external factors out of our control

5.2. Under our Freight Protection policy, we reserve the right to refuse a claim in circumstances where we believe that the item is not lost in transit, or the item was never received on our online platform.

6. Payment:

a.  Vessel require a 50% deposit is rewuired to start the order.  During the manufacturing process, we will keep the customer well informed with updates on the production of furniture and we will provide images (if requested) which will be sent to your email. The remainder of the invoice will need to be paid before the products leave the factory.

7. Freight Rates:

a. VESSEL relies on third party logistic companies to calculate costs of international and domestic freights to port and to the customer's door. These rates are governed by the freight industry and VESSEL has no control over fluctuations that may occur. Once a 50% deposit has been made, there might be freight rate changes on the final invoice. VESSEL will add these changes to the final invoice. 

8. Cancellations 

a.  As our factories custom-make your furniture and begin construction once your order is confirmed, your order cannot be cancelled once production has commenced. Cancellations can only before we have commenced production. If cancellation is after the commencement of the order then the customer is liable for 70% of the total invoice amount. 

9. Refunds

a.  Vessel will replace or repair items that have incurred during transit damage or factory faults, however we do not offer refund on any order that has commened.  Once you have placed the order and production has commmenced we do not refund any money. All of our products are manufatcured for each project and once production has commenced the client is liable for 70% of the total order.

10. Delivery

10.1.  Depending on the size of your order, there are two types of delivery methods: 

        10.2. By Truck

a. If you order less than a container load, we consider this an LCL shipment meaning that it will arrive on the back of a truck. The courier service is expected to unload the products outside of the venue. We do not provide labour or the service to transport the goods into the venue.

        10.3. By Container

a. If the order arrives by container, this will arrive as a side load, meaning that the container will be lifted off the truck and placed on the ground outside the venue. It is up to the venue to instruct where the container can be placed. This must be:

i. In a commercial recognised zone (not residential) as the customer can get fined

ii. The container should not be placed on a road, street, pavement and cannot prohibit pedestrian or car access. We recommend a secure and enclosed area.

iii. The time limit is 3 days. Once this time has passed, there will be a $200US daily rate charged by the freight company which will be directly invoiced to you.

iv. Once the container is emptied, all materials will need to be disposed by the customer. If the container arrives back to the port and the packaging is still inside, the freight company will charge extra fees for the cleaning and disposal of packaging.

v. If the customer is more than 80km away from port, Australia classifies this location as rural. All containerised goods destined for unpacking in a rural area must undergo a rural tailgate inspection before delivery. There may be extra charges applied.

11. Delays:

12.1. There are various external influences which may delay the logistics process. These include:

a. Busy periods (e.g. Christmas orders, public holidays, Chinese New Year)

b. Quarantine checks are randomly conducted on container ships, at ports of entry as part of government biosecurity checks. Goods can be held for up to 2 weeks before they’re cleared by government officials.

c. Due to uncontrollable weather conditions, goods may take longer to arrive

d. Global viral pandemics 

12. Waste:

a. The consumer is expected to recycle all packaging, once they receive their furniture, or extra charges will apply. 

13. Acknowledgments by the Customer

13.1. The customer acknowledges that:

a. They have not relied on any advice, recommendation, assistance or information provided by the VESSEL furniture team in regards to the sale of goods and/or services.

b. The customer has the sole responsibility to assess whether the products are satisfactory for commercial use and for their customer base.

c. Any description of products should be used as a way to identify the product. Products may differ from production images.

d. The customer must provide VESSEL Furniture with their order number, Australian Business Number (ABN), insurance details upon request.

e. Once a 50% deposit has been paid, goods may be held for a maximum duration of 3 weeks from the date of order. Should any order(s) need to be held longer at our factories, a 5% charge on the total amount will be charged weekly until the goods are dispatched.